“Bark” in Queen Mob’s Teahouse

“After Great Pain” in Dead King Magazine (Issue 3)

“Dictatorship of the Minor Gods” in Sein und Werden (“Agitprop” issue, Summer 2016)

“Keeping house” in Halo (Issue 1)

“Girl Power” in KL Noir: Yellow

“Perempuan-Perempuan Interlok” in Semangkuk Interlok

“The Beginner’s Guide to Magic” in Sini Sana: Travels in Malaysia



“New eyes” and “Siege” in DATABLEED

“To pay attention to the dead” and “To observe, as the dead” in Rambutan Lit (Issue 2)

“The ghost is the machine” in The Rising Phoenix Review

“Up on the roof” and “Surasa” in Deluge (Issue 7)

“Flesh” in Liminality: A Magazine of Speculative Poetry (Issue 8, Summer 2016)



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