2011 resolutions

December 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

I think resolutions are bullshit when they are made for a new year (why just the new year and not say, for LIFE?), but I needed a title without having to think too hard. Titles are not my thing.

So here are my so-called resolutions or some such bullshit.

There are two key mistakes I make where people are concerned: 1) I always presume that a superior level of intelligence is inclusive of kindness and an overall superiority of character. Quite wrong. The ouch factor upon realisation of the wrongness of this presumption is always, always high. 2) I always presume a mutual regard where there is none. Sometimes, people are in your life –  talk to you – because they have to. Obligation, guilt, fear of being rude… something. Essentially, whenever I presume mutual regard, I tend to learn that there is only one-sided regard – on my end. The ouch factor upon this realisation is always, always high. Therefore, much better to presume nothing.

I hope to be rid of these mistakes as time progresses. It will be ideal if this could miraculously happen within the first month of 2011. Life would become easier, no?


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