I am the Dickinson

May 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

While reading this lovely article on Emily Dickinson in The New York Times, it occurred to me: Dickinson is often portrayed as a recluse who reached out to the world through fervent letters – all the while remaining shrouded in obscurity.

Now, this sounds like me.

Hear me out. I mean, this me, sitting at home, with my ever-present mother guarding the door, and I’m furtively blogging, obsessively tweeting, compulsively emailing – reaching out to the world, but preferably without meeting the world, because people… yearggghh.

All of this fits the bill of a modern-day Malaysian Emily Dickinson, right?

Poetic genius, you ask? I’m sure I’ve got a drawer filled with poems. The genius of those poems will be evident after my death. (I may be an atheist but there better be an afterlife for some literary vindication.)

*For anyone who cares, this was entirely tongue-in-cheek, because it’s VERY hot out, and if I let my tongue do what it will, it will loll out and I will resemble my dogs and my mother will tell me to get down from the couch and stop shedding all over the place.

* No, I am not 12.


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