Great comics, appalling movies

January 31, 2010 § 1 Comment

I caught The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen on TV the other day. Once again, I ignored my better instincts. I distinctly remember the movie being panned by critics and audiences alike, but Alan Moore’s glorious comic is one of my favourites of all time. With such a template from which to work on, how could Hollywood possibly screw this up?Ahhh. How wrong I was.

They decide to throw in Tom Sawyer as a character (not in the original comic). Tom Sawyer, played by Shane West.


To be fair, Peta Wilson’s Mina Harker wasn’t too bad. Next to performances like Sean Connery’s bumbling Allan Quartermain, or Stuart Townsend’s prancing Dorian Gray, she should have received an Oscar. (But then again, I always did enjoy La Femme Nikita.)

I’ve learned my lesson. I was unsure about watching Watchmen, but now I think I’ll just steer clear.

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  • apollorose says:

    Loved Le Femme Nikita. This move, not loved.

    Always remember when Hollywood says that this book is based on or is an adaptation, be ready to see what you’ve read and didn’t read. 🙂

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